What Is A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyers are sometimes referred to as criminal lawyers or public defenders.    They usually handle a wide range of cases including violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, fraud, embezzlement and even DUI cases.  They defend individuals and companies.  Some criminal defense lawyers are privately retained and work for a company while others are called public defenders and work for the government.

Criminal lawyers have to get a law degree and pass the bar exam just like other lawyers in order to practice law.   Criminal Defense Lawyers represent people  charged with federal or state charges.   They usually need to do a wide range of things for their clients including: interviewing witnesses, researching laws and criminal codes, building a defense case, negotiating with the prosecution for plea bargains, arguing the case and much more.

Criminal lawyers tend to have excellent speaking and writing skills.  They also tend to be very good with working with a wide range of people from all walks of life.  Criminal lawyers tend to work long hours and frequently meet with people at hospitals, prison other places.  They often find they are spending much of their time outside of their offices.

A good Criminal Lawyer can earn a very good income.  Successful Criminal Defense Lawyers tend to make six figure incomes.

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