One thing I was surprised to learn was that you can actually be arrested for threatening to beat someone up. I think there is a general assumption that you can threaten to beat someone up because  it is covered by our country’s First Amendment right on free speech. Surprisingly, this is not the case. Threatening to commit any crime of violence can result with you facing serious criminal charges.  In all of the states I have checked in on, you can be arrested for threatening to harm someone.  Now I do not pretend to this that people are arrested for this often, nor have I ever even heard of it happening to anyone I knew, or even my friend ever knew.  However, with a little bit of research I was able to quickly come across the occasional situation where an individual was absolutely arrested for threatening to beat someone up.

A few states I checked into even have something called a misdemeanor Terroristic Threat charge.  In Georgia it carries with it probation, fines, classes, community service, and a criminal history that cannot be undone.

In short, while I was very surprised to learn all this, I was also gladdened as I feel sometimes in life, the bully gets the upper hand and has no consequence.  I wouldn’t want this law used liberally but it made me happy to know that it is there should the occasion require its use.

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