Find A Lawyer

How to find a Lawyer

When its time to find a lawyer it is a terrible feeling to have no idea who to call.  Worse to feel stupid simply doing a Google search and calling the first one you see.  Deep down you know there must be a better way.

Below are some real things to consider before you make that first call:

1.  What type of crime have you committed?   What type of legal advice do you need? There are many types of lawyers.

  • criminal lawyer
  • estate planing lawyer
  • bankruptsy lawyer
  • intelletual property lawyer
  • employment lawyer
  • corporate lawyer
  •  immigration lawyer
  • personal injury lawyer
  • medical malpractice lawyer
  • tax lawyer
  • family lawyer
  • workers compensation lawyer
  • contract lawyer
  • social security disability lawyer
  • civil litigation lawyer
  • general practice lawyer

2.  After finding the type of lawyer you need, make your initial call.  In my opinion your first impression of the call (usually not the lawyer answering – usually a secretary) is really important.  Most likely you are highly stressed and this is a difficult call to make.  If your comfortable on that first call stick with them, if they appear to not listen or even make your stress worse, perhaps you should move on to the next call.  There are many lawyers out there.

3.  Consider the convenience of the lawyer’s office location as you may be making a number of trips there.  If it is not convenient, this also may create undue stress.   Ask about fees charged.

4.  If you know someone that can refer an lawyer to you then give them a call, however my own experience was that I was not comfortable asking friends.  What does that leave you?  The internet is your friend.  Searching Google for a lawyer is a good way to start.   I also provide on this page and on other pages a list of legal resources that I found super helpful in finding a lawyer.   Find A Lawyer

5.  Regarding finding a lawyer from the internet, I highly suggest you carefully read their advertisement and consider what they are suggesting in their ad.   Not all ads and not all law offices are equal.

6.  Depending on where you work, you might inquire if legal services are part of your benefits or if your company offers legal services at a discount price to its employees.

7.  What to do if you feel you don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer?  Consider researching online for free legal advice.  I also provide on this page and elsewhere a link that might help you find free or discount priced legal advice.  Free / Discount Legal Advice