Criminal Law Veterans

Military Personnel in Washington State have a number of resources to assist them with legal issues including the following:

  1.  Armed Forces Legal Assistance Program – For active duty personnel Click Here
  2. WA Vets Will Clinic – Free Estate Planning Click Here
  3. National Veterans Legal Services – Assists veterans and military personnel with their benefits Click Here
  4. – Basic legal assistance and legal information for veterans Click Here
  5. Northwest Justice Project – Low Income and Homeless veterans legal assistance Click Here

Sometimes it is very difficult for veterans to find the help they need.  Often they feel isolated from the rest of society not belonging to the civilian world and no longer feeling like they belong in the military world.  This can sometimes make veterans feel like they are alone with no one to turn to.  There are however, resources available to them and I hope the links above will be of assistance to veterans in Washington State with their legal issues and questions.

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